Upgrade Campus Security with Award-Winning Architect® Blue

If budget concerns have stalled your security upgrades, consider modular solutions from STid, a leading manufacturer of RFID and contactless security technologies

Upgrade Campus Security with Award-Winning Architect® Blue

If your campus security system needs an update to meet today’s more urgent threats, then modular solutions that are compatible with existing technologies are a cost-effective way to increase security levels without delay.

STid’s flagship Architect® security readers are compatible with all access control cards, including 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, NFC, and Bluetooth®. STid readers allow the use of obsolete card technologies while your organization gradually switches to higher levels of security. Once the migration is complete, deactivating older technology will be quick and easy.

Architect® is Modular and Scalable

The Architect® series is the most-awarded range of verified OSDP™ readers. Intuitive and dynamic, the Architect® range is made up of 7 interchangeable modules that easily connect to an intelligent RFID core (Bluetooth® optional). The readers use the latest MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 & EV3 contactless chips and public encryption algorithms (3DES, AES, RSA, SHA, and more), which are recommended by official data security agencies.

The modular nature of Architect® allows you to manage the security of your access points autonomously, reduces the number of parts needed by 40%, and facilitates future technological extensions, upgrades, and migrations. Architect® provides best-in-market data protection due to the patented, anti-tearing motion-sensor system and the ability to delete authentication keys. Unlike competing solutions, the reliability of the accelerometer-based technology prevents any circumvention of the system.

Vetted and Trusted

With clients in the government, military, education, and corporate verticals, STid designs security solutions to be flexible, easy to install, tamper-proof, and mindful of budgets. Move at your own pace toward the highest level of security to keep students and staff safe.

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