School Threats Are On the Rise, District Leaders Are Concerned About Being Prepared and Secure

Preparing your students and staff to respond to violence in school is not easy or comfortable. But you can equip them with life skills in a trauma-informed way to ensure they are empowered to survive during a violent incident.

School Threats Are On the Rise, District Leaders Are Concerned About Being Prepared and Secure

Did you know that 70% of active shooter incidents last less than five minutes and most end before law enforcement arrives? In a school shooting incident, this means it’s crucial that students, faculty, and staff know exactly how to respond to increase their odds of survival.

An Empowering, Research-Based Active Shooter Response Program

ALICE Training® was developed to empower individuals of all ages and abilities to participate in their own survival when they become unwilling participants in acts of violence. ALICE is the original civilian active shooter response training that can be used by anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the face of violence. This research-based program takes a multi-option approach to active shooter response and blends both in-person and eLearning instruction to ensure all individuals within the school district are prepared. The skills learned from ALICE Training® can make all the difference in those critical moments between the beginning of a violent incident and help arrives.

ALICE Training® is built for the school leaders who recognize the critical need to provide active threat preparedness training that lasts a lifetime.

Blended Instruction

ALICE’s blended approach to training helps individuals absorb and retain course materials and makes the information easier to recall during a real-life emergency. By blending hands-on and online active shooter response training, ALICE teaches critical life skills in a modern, age- and ability-appropriate way.

Trauma-Informed Approach

ALICE’s trauma-informed practices ensure that active shooter response training is not a traumatic experience for participants. It recognizes that individuals may have experienced trauma in the past and seeks to teach them how to manage fear and anxiety when confronted with a critical threat without re-traumatizing them.

Life Skills Beyond the Classroom

Skills learned through ALICE active threat response training are for more than just school campuses—they’re skills for everyday life. You see it on the news too often – violent attacks can happen anywhere and at any time. Students and staff in your school district can carry their training with them outside the walls of the school and apply it to any situation where they feel they are in danger.

ALICE Training® is a certificated, trauma-informed, and age- and ability-appropriate curriculum for schools to empower students and staff to survive using proactive options-based strategies in the face of violence. Learn more about how ALICE Training® can be a vital part of your school safety plans. Download “The Ultimate Guide to ALICE Training® for Schools” today.

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