College Campus Security Guide for 2022

As more students make their way back to on-campus living and classes, it is important to re-evaluate current security protocols and procedures.

College Campus Security Guide for 2022

School security is more than alarm systems or visual surveillance. Campuses should have protection and response plans in place for a variety of threats. When it comes to school security, prevention is the goal.

Emergency Preparedness for Staff and Students

Preparation efforts should include steps taken before an emergency, response plans to follow during the event, and a relief plan after the event. Your school’s safety plan should focus on long-term solutions for minimizing risk and quickening response times.

Your emergency response preparation should cover:

Active Shooter Preparation

Recent active shooter events have highlighted the need for response plans. Both students and staff should be educated on how to respond to an active shooter threat, and buildings should be equipped to prevent forced entry.

In the event of an active shooter:

  • Lock and close interior doors and windows
  • Limit visibility by moving under furniture or to a hidden area
  • Switch off the lights (including computer monitors).
  • Check for attendance.
  • Stay put until the all-clear has been given

Natural Disasters Plan:

From hurricanes and tornados to earthquakes, one of the keys to staying safe is to plan ahead of time for these potentially destructive weather events. By knowing what precautions to take, you can greatly reduce the consequences of a hurricane.

Before Storms:

  • Any glass, including windows and doors, should be secured.
  • Board up vulnerable areas
  • Build an emergency kit with flashlights, food, a weather radio, and batteries

During Storms:

  • Actively listen to weather reports
  • Conserve energy
  • Stay inside, and away from windows

To prevent damage and protect students and staff, unequipped schools frequently have to board up windows and doors. Riot Glass provides a solution to the need to re-secure windows with storm-proof glass, to ensure security without the need for board-ups or storm shutters.

Crime Prevention

Burglary and vehicle theft are the most common crimes committed on college campuses. Schools are victims of robbery because of easy access to expensive equipment such as laptops or computers.

Traditional security systems are built to help respond to active threats, but they aren’t always equipped to prevent a break-in from happening. The most commonly used entry points are a building’s windows and doors.

How to prevent theft on campus:

  • Conceal valuables when possible
  • Lock doors and windows
  • Secure easy access points
  • Take inventory as needed

Emergency Event Recovery

One of the most overlooked aspects of an emergency preparedness plan is event recovery. In the event of a shooter, natural disaster, or break-in, campuses are frequently left unarmed and become an easy target for additional threats.

Standard glass doors and windows commonly found in schools are incredibly vulnerable to impacts. Schools can reinforce their glass with polycarbonate glazing shields to protect against forced entry, active threats, vandalism, and more.

School Window Security Designed to Last a Lifetime

Riot Glass, Inc.’s ArmorPlast® Gen II Security Systems are the result of over 30 years of access denial experience.

This framing system is designed to withstand prolonged attacks with heavy tools, meaning that damage from an attempted break-in or hurricane storm doesn’t have to necessitate replacing windows every time. With Gen II framing, a panel can flex and bow to dissipate shock waves and prevent breakage. This diffuses to the edges, minimizing any potential weakening.

ArmorPlast® Gen II frame system is designed to withstand repeated storms or attacks, for a cost-effective long-term solution; you can readily secure existing windows and glass doors with accessible products.

Riot Glass security glazing solutions can substantially improve the security of your school or campus. Riot Glass systems may be integrated into or added to virtually any existing framing system, ensuring the safety of students, employees, and property.

To learn more about how Riot Glass can increase school safety and security, visit

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