What Is ALPR And Why Is It Essential For Campus Safety?

Early detection of threats is the key to ensuring campus safety. Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) can help alert to impending threats at the very first signs, enabling you to take immediate action to keep your campus safe.

What Is ALPR And Why Is It Essential For Campus Safety?

What is automatic license plate recognition (ALPR)?

ALPR cameras automatically capture an image of the vehicle’s license plate, compares the plate number acquired to a list of suspect vehicles and alerts police or security personnel when a vehicle of interest has been observed.

How does ALPR technology work to protect campuses?

Jenoptik’s automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) VECTOR cameras and back office software solutions work to help police and security agencies by creating an invisible shield to protect campuses.

Networks of multiple VECTOR cameras can be installed for monitoring suspect vehicles approaching campus entry or exit points. VECTOR cameras capture the license plates as well as identifying the make, model and color of suspect vehicles and automatically reports the information to police and security personnel.

For example, a suspect vehicle is detected by the first VECTOR camera installed in the network. The system determines that this vehicle is on a known campus watch list, and an alarm is triggered alerting police and security officers to the vehicle location and direction enabling them to quickly take appropriate action.

What are the next steps to securing your campus with ALPR?

With so much uncertainty in the day-to-day, having another layer of protection against unexpected threats is essential. Jenoptik invented ALPR back in 1979, has over 40 years’ experience in ALPR technology and is your trusted partner in helping safeguard your campus.

Learn more about how Jenoptik can help you take the next steps toward making your campus safer with ALPR technology today.

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