Viking Electronics Introduces New Panic Button

A built-in microphone allows a called party to silently monitor or engage in two-way handsfree communication.

Viking Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of emergency communication and security products, introduces PB-3-IP, a new VolP emergency panic button.

The panic button is designed to mount under a desk or a countertop and enables a user to make a silent emergency call, according to the company.

The button’s blue LED will light when pressed, indicating an emergency call is in process. A built-in auto dialer will roll through up to five phone numbers until the call is answered. Through a built-in microphone, the called party can silently monitor or engage in two-way handsfree communication by pressing “#”.

“This is what people have been asking for – it’s quick, it’s discreet, it’s reliable. People know they can trust the PB-3-IP when it counts,” said Greg Yocom, engineering manager at Viking Electronics.

The panic button can also be programmed to automatically deliver a digital announcement identifying the location of the emergency call and an optional DTMF touch tone code may also be delivered.

PB-13-IP functions as a SIP endpoint connecting with a single CAT 5/6 cable from a POE switch. It can be programmed using Viking’s IP Programming software and receives automatic firmware updates. It can be programmed from any PC on the same LAN or remotely using a static IP address.

The panic button also features an on-board relay for activating security cameras, emergency lighting or any other device triggered by a dry-contact.

Additional features include:

  • Automatic Noise Canceling (ANC) for proper operation in noisy areas
  • Non-volatile digital voice announcer with 28 seconds of voice memory
  • Extended temperature range (-40°F to 140°F)

Click here for more information on PB-3.

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