How ALPR Helps Predict and Prevent Crime on Your Campus

Highly populated areas like campuses can face a range of potential criminal threats, and many of these crimes involve vehicles. Learn how Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology can enable campus security and law enforcement to accurately monitor, predict and prevent crime on campus.

How ALPR Helps Predict and Prevent Crime on Your Campus

Any campus such as schools, universities, hospitals and businesses can face a range of potential threats from criminal activity. Many of these crimes include the use of a vehicle. A vehicle can be stolen, used from traveling to and from crime scenes, for transportation of drugs, firearms, kidnapping or human trafficking, or even as a weapon itself.

How can campus safety officials and law enforcement better protect campuses against these types of threats?

Vehicles are often involved in a crime, therefore it is essential for campus security and law enforcement officers to be able to accurately monitor vehicles that enter and exit campus perimeters.

This is where ALPR can improve campus safety.

ALPR technology helps campus safety and law enforcement officers to quickly identify, monitor and intercept suspect vehicles, enabling crime prevention measures and increasing campus security, as well as assisting in crime investigations.

How does ALPR technology do this?

When a vehicle passes a VECTOR ALPR camera, the license plate is recorded. These powerful ALPR cameras coupled with advanced TraffiData analysis software can filter out suspects from other vehicles by processing this recorded data in real time and evaluate it using different filters. TraffiData is then able to compare the data against law enforcement or campus security hotlists. When a search returns a hit, like a stolen vehicle or an unauthorized vehicle, the appropriate law enforcement and security agencies are automatically alerted in seconds.

Filters can also be defined within the software to reconstruct movement patterns, departure points and even links to other vehicles involved. Campus security and law enforcement agencies can then create criminal profiles and identify suspect behavior, enabling them to determine where a suspect vehicle is located, and effectively pursue and prevent crime.

At the end of the day, ALPR technology keeps you one step ahead of criminals and is highly effective in keeping your campus safe. Learn more about how Jenoptik can help you take the next steps toward safeguarding your campus with ALPR technology today.

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