Morse Watchmans Adds RFID-Based AssetWatcher to Product Lineup

AssetWatcher includes a 7″ touchscreen with a fingerprint reader to ensure only authorized users have access to specific assets.

Morse Watchmans, a provider of access and key control security systems, announces the release of its RFID-based AssetWatcher System.

AssetWatcher’s RFID technology uses non-contact wireless radio links to recognize and track tagged assets placed in or removed from lockers. It is compatible with multiple types of RFID tags and features an audible confirmation when a tag has been read.

AssetWatcher includes a 7″ touchscreen and incorporates an optical fingerprint reader to ensure only authorized users have access to specific assets.

There are several operating modes which allow AssetWatcher to accommodate a wide variety of uses.

The first, Standard Mode, users are assigned permissions for access to assets or groups of assets. In this mode, managers can specify that assets can be returned either to any open locker or assigned to a specific locker.

The second, Leased Mode, allows users to “lease” a locker temporarily. This mode is ideal for environments with high numbers of temporary users. If the user has no assets in the system when they sign-in, they are assigned to a different locker to store their asses. Users are able to sign up for a locker by using the fingerprint reader or access card.

The third, Owner Mode, assigns each specific locker to one or more individuals to accommodate shared or specific assets that may be used by one person or a specific group of people.

AssetWatcher is 2.25″ high, 14″ wide and 8.5″ deep. Each locker is sized to accommodate small laptops, tablets, phones and other objects. Each assembled AssetWatcher system is designed to be freestanding, wall-mounted or floor-mounted for convenience and stability.

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