SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES Self-Testing Addressable Speakers

TrueAlert allows users to test all notification applications when most convenient and eliminates costly after-hours testing.

The new line of intelligent SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES audio speakers takes notification to a new level of safety, performance and value. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, installing contractor, building owner, or facility manager, the innovative technology of TrueAlert ES addressable speakers can meet your needs with exceptional protection, game-changing performance and improved business outcomes.

The speakers are specially designed to provide high-quality audio output, improved aesthetics, and sophisticated emergency messaging features. At the same time, they offer all the benefits of the SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES family of fully addressable notification appliances, including easier, more flexible design, fast, cost-effective installation, and revolutionary device self-testing.

Targeted Audio Messaging for Enhanced Emergency Response

The fire alarm panel can be programmed to select exactly which speakers are to be used and what message will be played through them during an emergency. This targeted audio paging capability enables the delivery of critical, event-specific information exactly where it’s needed. With SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES Addressable Speakers, audio messages are directed by programming, not wire runs, opening up a new world of flexibility, and performance for audio fire alarm systems.

Appliance Self Testing

The self-test process takes just seconds to complete, and can be initiated manually or programmed via the fire alarm control panel to run automatically at a convenient time.

Improved Audibility and Intelligibility

TrueAlert ES speakers provide a high-quality audio output that improves audibility and intelligibility of messages and enables dual-purpose functionality. In an emergency, the speakers operate as part of a building’s fire alarm system, providing direction to building occupants using pre-recorded messages, tones, or live messaging. During normal, non-emergency operation, the quality and clarity of the sound enables the speakers to be used for functions like paging and background music.

Flexible Design, Cost-efficient Installation & Improved Aesthetics

The wiring architecture of SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES speakers is extremely flexible, which can provide easier, more efficient design and faster, cost-effective installation. The addressable speaker technology is also highly scalable, so it’s easy to adjust and expand the notification system as buildings change and life-safety needs evolve. The new devices also feature a sleek, streamlined look that blends well with the building or facility decor.

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