PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT: Modernizing Emergency Management

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PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT: Modernizing Emergency Management

PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT is designed for federal, state, and local officials, school and medical administrators, emergency management teams, company CEOs and many other businesses, to further prepare themselves for many crisis incidents that may occur under their responsibility.

PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT will provide crisis management teams with the critical information and imagery they need to rapidly plan during many high risk incidents.


A complete 360 degree virtual tour of any facility with up-to-date overhead imagery, used for rapid coordination and planning during many high risk incidents, to assist law enforcement and other first responders. SWAT and other tactical officers can use a PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT to precisely plan the safest and quickest method of entry into many high risk environments. A PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT clearly depicts informations such as doors, hallways, building layouts, red zones, direction of door openings and much more vital information that every tactical officer wants to know before entering into the unknown.

Aerial Reference Guide

An Aerial Reference Guide (ARG) can be used by law enforcement aviation to quickly and accurately relay vital information observed from overhead to units on the ground. ARG can also be used during many hazardous material emergencies to better prepare emergency response personnel before entering the contaminated site. Personnel on scene can use our up-to-date Aerial Reference Guide to accurately depict the contaminated location and plan a response from a safe distance outside the affected area.

Medical Evacuation Survey

Each PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT also includes a MEDEVAC survey in the area of your facility to best coordinate the evacuation of multiple casualties by rescue helicopters.

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