OnSSI Releases Ocularis Smart Driver for Bosch IP Cameras

Mutual customers of OnSSI and Bosch can take advantage of new IP camera releases from Bosch without waiting for an updated driver from OnSSI.

With the release of Ocularis Video Management Software (VMS) 5.3, OnSSI introduces a Smart Driver that ensures immediate support of current and future Bosch IP cameras. As a result, mutual customers can take advantage of new IP camera releases from Bosch without the need to wait for an updated driver from OnSSI.

The Smart Driver supports Bosch IP cameras running firmware version 6.3 or higher. Supported Bosch camera features include video analytic events that alert operators when pre-defined alarms are triggered, edge recording for preventing loss of video during network or server failures, multi-streaming, pan-tilt-zoom control, and more.

The driver simplifies installation, providing seamless integration and easy setup of Bosch cameras within the Ocularis VMS. This reduces installation time for integrators and lowers costs for end users. With support for both existing and future cameras from Bosch, the driver enables integrators to select the best camera model for each area of an application without the need to verify that the latest cameras are supported.

Key Benefits of Ocularis Professional

  • Centrally manage camera views, events, and operator user rights
  • Advanced investigation tools provide fast access to incidents
  • Built-in, multi-level maps allow you to easily navigate your system
  • Receive analytics and smart alerts from cameras and recorders
  • Camera-based motion detection and server-based motion detection with ability to designate areas for motion alarms
  • On-demand or scheduled video exports from mobile or remote locations
  • A wide range of third-party integrations to help you quickly identify various threats

For more information on the features supported by the new Smart Driver from OnSSI, visit the Bosch Integration Partner Program portal at ipp.boschsecurity.com.


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