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Axis Adds 7 Canon Network Cameras to Portfolio

The majority of the new models are designed for outdoor surveillance, and each offers HDTV 1080p resolution in full frame rate.

Axis Communications is introducing seven new Canon network cameras to its portfolio in North America and the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. The majority of the new models are designed for outdoor surveillance, and each offers HDTV 1080p resolution in full frame rate.

The new models include the VB-H761LVE; the VB-H760VE; the VB-H751LE; the VB-H651VE; the VB-S30VE; the VB-S800VE; and the VB-S910F.

The new security cameras are planned to be available in Q1 2017 through Axis’ standard distribution channels in North America and EMEA. In the Japanese market and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, Canon products will be available through existing Canon distribution channels.

More from Axis’ Product Page:

The new models include:

  • VB-H761LVE: outdoor, vandal-resistant fixed camera for tough conditions, offering 20x zoom and built-in infrared illumination. Geared for critical infrastructure and commercial buildings when it is necessary to zoom in on objects and incidents from a distance.
  • VB-H760VE: outdoor, vandal-resistant fixed camera for tough conditions, with a 20x zoom lens. Suitable for education and critical infrastructure facilities.
  • VB-H751LE: outdoor fixed camera offering 2.4x zoom and built-in infrared illumination. Intended for monitoring of commercial buildings, warehouses and critical infrastructure, even in complete darkness.
  • VB-H651VE: outdoor, vandal-resistant fixed dome camera for tough conditions, providing pan/tilt/rotate/zoom (p/t/r/z) functionality and ultra-wide lens. Intended for outdoor monitoring of retail, commercial and banking.
  • VB-S30VE: outdoor, vandal-resistant compact mini p/t/z dome camera with built-in microphone and p/t/z functionality, including 3.5x zoom. Geared for discreet monitoring of areas such as retail, education and warehouses, and where there is a requirement to change viewing angle and zoom in on activity.
  • VB-S800VE: outdoor, vandal-resistant compact fixed dome camera with built-in microphone. Suitable for discreet surveillance within retail, banking and education.
  • VB-S910F: indoor, compact fixed camera with 3.5x zoom and built-in microphone. Intended for discreet monitoring of indoor areas within retail, education and banking.

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