IDentifyED Introduces New HALO Incident Response Module

The incident reporting system has teamed up with IPVideo's HALO IOT Smart Sensor so campus administrators can monitor vaping alerts in real-time.
Published: February 8, 2020

IDentifyED, a provider of incident reporting technology, announces its integration with IPVideo’s HALO IOT Smart Sensor.

IPVideo’s HALO IOT Smart Sensor is a multi-sensor capable of detecting vape, smoke, THC, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, gas leaks, and sound abnormalities, such as breaking glass, yelling and gunshots. It is the only product that can detect vaping with Nicotine or Marijuana (THC oil). It also won two 2019 Campus Safety BEST Awards.

With the new IDentifyED HALO Incident Response Module, campus administrators can instantly begin monitoring vape alerts in real-time, according to the company. Administrators can also use IDentifyED’s incident response module to respond to alerts and its incident management module to document all incidents.

“With HALO, IDentifyED end-users now receive event-based alerts in privacy concern areas, providing security for every possible indoor location a facility may have. All areas where cameras are not allowed like bathrooms, hotel rooms, dorm rooms, locker rooms and patient rooms will now have protection. These alerts can complement IDentifyED, particularly when students may not have their phones to send emergency alerts on the application,” says Rick Cadiz, VP of Sales and Marketing for IPVideo Corporation. “We are excited about this integration and expect IDentifyED’s customers to receive immediate benefits with HALO’s vaping and THC detection capabilities which can trigger incident responses via the IDentifyED system.”

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IDentifyED also offers a wide variety of additional safety features, including:

  • Pick-up and drop-off management
  • Custody management
  • Visitor management
  • Discipline management
  • Emergency broadcast alerts
  • Disclosure management
  • Campus location services
  • Facility maintenance software
  • Social media/networking monitoring
  • Bus safety management
  • Hall pass management

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