Honeywell Highlights CLSS Products at ISC West 2023

Published: April 14, 2023

Honeywell, a fire and life safety solutions provider, recently showcased key technologies from its security and fire and life safety product lines at the just completed 2023 International Security Conference and Exposition (ISC West) in Las Vegas.

“The present and future of public safety relies on technology,” states Sameer Agrawal, vice president and general manager, Fire Americas, Honeywell.

“With our latest fire and life safety innovations, we are integrating intelligence throughout the life safety nexus—from the smoke detector to the first responder—to enable faster, more reliable alarm transmissions and dispatches. We are also moving from incident detection to prevention, improving life safety outcomes.”

Featured fire and life safety technologies, which provide flexible integration, real-time response and improved operational efficiencies include:

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  • Increasingly connected fire alarms: Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell is said to be a reliable line of fire alarm control panels for small- to medium-sized facilities that require non-proprietary servicing flexibility including the latest Endurance X Series of panels: the ES-50X, ES-200X and ES-1000X. The X Series includes built-in Pathway Communicator, which establishes a stronger, more reliable connection by combining dialer capture alarm transport functionality with the powerful capabilities of Honeywell’s Connect Life Safety Services (CLSS)
  • Cloud-connected life safety: Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) is designed to serve as an end-to-end platform that leverages the power of cloud-connected technology for maximum system uptime and a more reliable connection to the central station.
  • Faster data transmission tools: The Honeywell CLSS Pathway allows data transmission to central monitoring stations and provides access to Honeywell’s secure cloud-based solutions to help businesses run more efficiently and improve building safety. The latest update integrates with the ES-50X and ES250X Fire-Lite addressable fire alarm control panels and comes with dual support for AT&T and Verizon networks for redundancy and reliability.

“Honeywell is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive security solutions that are both highly effective and cost efficient,” comments Rick Koscinski, commercial security general manager, Americas, Honeywell.

“We’re continuing to work with our teams to create and improve the latest security products that provide outcome-based solutions to help create peace of mind for our customers, improve uptime and help grow business resilience.”

Beyond the CLSS solutions, the company also showed these security technologies:

  • Battery-Free Security Featuring Increased Smart Phone Integration: iLOQ’s range of electronic battery-free smart locks and keyless cellphone-based solutions will now integrate with Honeywell Pro-Watch 6.5, an exciting development for both companies.

iLOQ is a Finland-based partner of electronic locks for both commercial and residential applications, and the software integration with Honeywell’s Physical Access Control System Pro-Watch will allow users to manage iLOQs range of electronic locks and related electronic credentials in the same way as for other locks. This includes the possibility of obtaining audit logs from the locks themselves, updating access lists and issuing and revoking credentials for users.

The agreement between iLOQ and Honeywell covers the sale of iLOQ’s products in North America and Europe and will particularly bolster iLOQ’s presence in the U.S. Customers can easily purchase the components of a complete iLOQ system from Honeywell, just as for other components of a PACS system.

  • More Efficient Surveillance: Honeywell Pro-Watch 6.0 provides global integrated access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection in a single view to help protect staff, property, optimize productivity and comply with strict industry regulations all while reducing operational costs.
  • Improved Technologies For Small- and Medium-Sized Building Video Security: The 35 Series IP cameras and NVR offerings, when combined, provide an NDAA-compliant, end-to-end encrypted video security solution suitable for small- to medium-sized buildings. The latest update includes bullet, dome, micro-dome, ball and Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) models with 2, 3, 5 and 8MP resolution options. The fully featured NVRs include a built-in encryption chipset that helps reduce the possibility of data breaches.

For more information about Honeywell’s latest security and fire and life safety products, visit

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