CommandScope™ First Responder Technology Adopted by Fire Houses

CommandScope™ provides first responders with property and occupant information, including floor plans, utility shut-off locations and campus maps.
Published: January 27, 2018

RealView, LLC, a software development company, announces the integration of its CommandScope™ pre-incident plan program at two top-rated fire departments in Illinois and Michigan.

Building data is entered into the CommandScope program to provide first responders with property and occupant information. It provides first responders instant access to site plans, floor plans, utility shut-off locations, campus maps, fire hydrant locations, persons requiring special assistance, and other critical building information.

CommandScope is also shareable with law enforcement, mutual aid and others so responders unfamiliar with an emergency site will have working knowledge of the building, its occupants and its hazards.

The Class 2 Insurance Service Office (ISO)-rated (top three percentile) Elk Grove Village, Ill., and the ISO Class 3-rated (top four percentile) Marquette, Mich., fire departments have both integrated the CommandScope program in their respective municipalities, according to the company. Both fire departments have been consistently rated a top-tier department in the United States due to their fire suppression and response abilities and technologies.

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The Elk Grove Village Fire Department is responsible for business and residential properties, two college campuses, a 387-bed acute care hospital and O’Hare International Airport. It consists of 84 fire, rescue and EMS personnel across four fire stations.

The Marquette Fire Department is responsible for Northern Michigan University, the Marquette Branch Prison and Marquette General Hospital, the only level 2 trauma center in the Upper Peninsula (UP). Marquette also has the largest school district in the UP and Northern Wisconsin with approximately 3,100 students and 420 faculty and staff.

“Fires, hazardous material spills, active shooter situations, and natural disaster rescue are all top-tier situations where first responders need as much information as possible to be effective,” says RealView CEO Stephen Nardi. “We designed CommandScope with the mindset that it provides the advantage first responders need and deserve. We are excited to see this technology embraced by fire departments like Elk Grove Village and Marquette.”

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