21 Hospitals Adopt Prey Software for Mobile Device Fleets

Twenty-one new hospital and healthcare customers have licensed Prey Anti-Theft software to track and secure their mobile devices.

Prey Software, a provider of open source anti-theft software, announces 21 new healthcare organizations have licensed Prey Anti-Theft, securing more than 3,000 mobile devices over the past year.

Prey Anti-Theft is a cost-effective solution to track and lock down mobile device locations within a hospital or healthcare facility with instant alarm and tracking of stolen devices, according to the company.

Mobile device use in the healthcare industry continues to skyrocket but can present vulnerabilities in healthcare organization’s networks, according to HIMSS. Prey Anti-Theft is ideal for healthcare and HIPAA compliance, providing an extra barrier of protection for records and patient data.

Prey’s multi-device management capabilities enable health industry IT departments to track and control fleets of more than 30 devices. It also implements policies that prevent the loss or theft of mobile devices. Employees and patients are also able to protect additional personal devices with the free consumer version of Prey.

Prey Anti-Theft also provides healthcare practitioners with:

  • Geofencing and File Retrieval Capabilities — helps to secure devices before they can be lost or stolen.
  • Multi-device Management — Prey’s mass management capabilities streamline oversight of the mobile environment.
  • Mass Action Controls — trigger messages or alarms on thousands of devices to alert users to complete an action, such as turning in a medical device cart at the end of a shift.
  • Advanced Search and Labels — organize fleets of mobile devices with a versatile search engine and customizable tags to help manage hospital department groups.
  • Control Zones — Prey creates GPS-secured zones within a building or across a campus. Real-time notifications alert managers when a device leaves or enters an area for full control over the location of an entire fleet.
  • Remove File Retrieval and Wipe — enables the retrieval and/or deletion of sensitive information through email for added protection of mobile devices that receive or transmit patient clinical information.

Prey Anti-Theft is available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and MacOS.

Learn more at www.preyproject.com.

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