Omnigo Sheldon Touchless Kiosk Offers Fever Detection, Facial Recognition

Sheldon captures and stores data on all scanned subjects to facilitate ongoing incident reporting and prevention of future entry by banned individuals.

Omnigo, a law enforcement and safety software provider, introduces Sheldon, a thermal scanning device and identity verification system ideal for use in public spaces such as campuses, healthcare facilities, and commercial buildings.

Sheldon combines contactless temperature scanning and intelligent identity recognition with actionable tracking capabilities that help mitigate risk and reduce cost, according to the company.

“The health and safety of employees and visitors is the number one priority for all clients as they face elevated risks due to COVID-19,” said Omnigo CEO Richard DeFrancisco. “Sheldon’s cutting-edge technology gives employees and visitors the confidence and peace of mind they need to enter facilities safely during this trying time.”

Sheldon is an industrial-grade kiosk that captures temperature readings without requiring staff to be in close proximity. It collects and stores temperature readings and photos and sends an alert to operators for immediate response if a threshold is exceeded. It can be monitored without directly exposing personnel to potentially infected individuals.

Sheldon is integrated with Omnigo’s risk management platform and can include intelligent identity verification to track, match and alert staff of subsequent entry attempts. It also captures and stores data on all scanned subjects to facilitate ongoing incident reporting and prevention of future entry by banned individuals.

“Sheldon is the only system available that provides community intelligence, analyzing all people in a physical location and providing organizations with risk mitigation and predictive maintenance,” DeFrancisco continued.

Here are some additional features:

  • Delivers rapid ROI by reducing health and safety screening costs
  • Screens facility entrants at speed and scale (up to 30 individuals per minute)
  • Provides real-time visibility into the number of people in an area
  • Mitigates potential risk of non-compliance and business interruption (CDC, OSHA, Department of Health, and other relevant regulatory agencies)
  • Installs quickly with no impact on IT staff or existing infrastructure

To learn more about Omnigo Software and Sheldon, visit

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