Kiana Analytics Introduces Real-Time Digital Contact Tracing System

The solution leverages existing WiFi infrastructures and does not require that an application or software be downloaded, the company says.

Kiana Analytics, Inc., a physical safety software provider, says it has been selected by numerous universities and colleges to assist with rapid response measures to reduce COVID-19 exposure outbreaks on campuses.

Kiana’s real-time digital Rapid Containment and Contact Tracing Solution uses device-based detection and location-based analytics to help stop the spread of the virus. The software provider rebuilt its Site Management solution from scratch to preserve privacy at a level required for contact tracing.

“Thousands of new coronavirus cases continue to emerge on college campuses. We’re excited to be working with universities and corporations to enable a safe reentry,” said Kiana Analytics CEO Nader Fathi. “Unlike Bluetooth apps, our solution is private, requires no download, uses existing infrastructure and our Site Management can also be used after COVID is gone.”

The solution leverages existing WiFi infrastructure, meaning no application or software is required. All that is required is employee health status, mobile device IDs, a private WiFi network, and Kiana’s analytics platform, according to the company.

The solution is said to offer several benefits, including:

  • The ability to immediately identify all exposed individuals, per CDC guidelines, to prevent new exposures
  • Provides an exposure report highlighting areas in need of cleaning
  • Digitizes buildings to support business continuity
  • Built around privacy with personal identifiable information (PII) only seen by an organization

One campus that uses the solution is Dominican University, located in River Forest, Illinois.

“The health and safety of our community is our top priority. Kiana uses data from our existing campus wireless device registration to privately allow authorized employees to respond to a positive case of COVID-19 by identifying possible exposures, rather than simply react based on class schedules,” said Jill Albin-Hill, vice president for operations and technology and CIO at Dominican University. “Furthermore, we are excited to use Kiana Site Management after the pandemic is over to better operate our facilities.”

E&I Cooperative Services, a member-owned, non-profit purchasing cooperative that serves the education sector, has also endorsed Kiana with a negotiated contract, says the company.

“The Kiana solution is affordable, easy-to-implement, and does not require special software or complicated configuration of mobile devices,” said Keith Fowlkes, vice president of E&I Technology. “With their intuitive, intelligent dashboard interface, Kiana makes it incredibly simple for college leadership to decide how and who to privately notify about the exposure, and where to dispatch cleaning personnel.”

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