Continental Access Introduces New IT-Friendly Access Control Appliance

The ACA is compatible with all Continental Access Control Panels and includes integration with Networx, ArchiTech™ Wireless Access Locks and Networx Panel.

Continental Access, a division of NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., introduces its next-generation Access Control Application (model #CA-ASA), based on the previous Application Integration Appliance (#CA-AIA).

With the newest ASA, there is no software to license or install on any client or server — all that is required is a standard web browser, according to the company. It now features a 256 GB Solid State Drive and 8 GB of RAM.

The ASA is a compact, solid-state network appliance that runs on an embedded OS and comes pre-installed with the latest version of CA4k Integrated Access Control Enterprise Software. It also has full Native Client and Web Client Interface, allowing integrated access, locking, alarms and video. It has no moving parts, is built on an embedded computing platform, and can be either desktop- or wall-mounted (bracket included).

The Access Service Appliance is compatible with all Continental Acess Control Panels and includes integration with Networx, ArchiTech Wireless Access Locks and Networx Panel. It also includes a USB Flash Drive with full system backup.

The appliance is IT-friendly and frees up time typically spent installing and configuring appliances. Its browser-based interface runs on any OS, eliminating specialized training and costs for additional software or licensing.

For more information on the Access Server Appliance, contact Continental Access at 1.800.645.9445 or email For specs, training classes or webinars, visit

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