School Lockdowns: The Pros and Cons of Various Lockdown Approaches

This online training will cover various lockdown technologies currently available, ADA and NFPA compliance, training, policies and procedures, as well as the responses that work best for each.

With our nation’s increased focus on how schools can effectively respond to active shooters, campuses are reviewing their lockdown technologies, policies, procedures and training. There’s ongoing debate on which protocols work best.

Is it run, hide, fight, or Alice or some other approach?

And what about good old fashioned locks and door hardware? What roles do they play in the lockdown and sheltering in place equation?

In this new Campus Safety HQ program, “Lockdown: How to Effectively Mix Training Technology and Policies for a Safe Campus” you’ll learn:

  • The pros and cons of various approaches to lockdown that campuses take
  • The training strategies that schools and universities use that work
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the many lockdown solutions currently available

Presented by a panel of experts you’ll hear from world real experiences:

Robin Hattersley, Editor-in-Chief, Campus Safety Magazine
Paul Timm, Vice President Engineering Associates
Steven Goldfarb, Emergency Manager, University of Southern California
Laura Frye, Director of Education and Certification DHI, Val Verde Unified School District DHI

Lockdown: How to Effectively Mix Training Technology and Policies for a Safe Campus is available from Campus Safety HQ.


About Campus Safety HQ:

Campus Safety HQ, an online training center, offers a wide-range of training and scenario programs on active shooter prevention and response, terrorism, communication, mental health, technologies, compliance and more! Our affordable online training programs are easy to use, will save you time and money, but most importantly, will help make your campuses even safer places to work and learn.

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