Woman Arrested for Attempted Kidnapping of a Newborn

MANNING, S.C., Police arrested a woman who tried to kidnap a newborn from Clarendon Memorial Hospital.

On Nov. 19 the woman, 25-year-old Carolyn Mouzan, was dressed in plain clothes and told the child’s father she was a nurse who needed to take the baby to the nursery. The father became suspicious and told the suspect it was not a good time to move the baby.

According to a hospital spokesman, the father then informed nurses of his suspicions. They then put the hospital on lockdown, but the woman had left.

Manning police credit the hospital’s security system with making it all but impossible for the kidnapping to occur. The security measures include coded, locked doors; baby cards with each mother’s fingerprint on them; surveillance cameras in the hallways; door alarms; and security drills.

Mouzan was arrested Nov. 21 at her home in Manning. She has been charged with attempted kidnapping.

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