Wisconsin Bill Allowing Teachers to Carry Guns To Be Introduced

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Representative Frank Lasee, R-Bellevue, said on Oct. 4 he plans to introduce a bill to the state legislature that would permit teachers, principals and administrators to carry firearms.

Lasee supported his proposal by drawing a parallel between the recent wave of school violence in the United States and the school violence that occurred in Thailand and Israel, both of which implemented measures similar to those recommended in Lasee’s proposal to fight school violence.

He argued that intruders would be dissuaded from entering schools by the possibility of encountering armed school personnel.

Some school officials have already begun to criticize the bill, arguing that armed teachers may only exacerbate the problem by placing guns within the reach of students. Furthermore, they said, a policy of having armed school personnel does not solve the underlying problems causing school violence.

The bill, however, is not expected to pass.

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