Video: Security Technology for K-12 Campuses

ORLANDO, Fla.—Any K-12 campus protection professional looking to improve campus security could easily be overwhelmed by the variety and quantity of security solutions available on the market. No where was that quantity more evident than in this year’s ASIS International conference and convention, which took place in Orlando, Fla., Sept. 19-22.

Fortunately, Paul Timm of RETA Security sat down with Campus Safety magazine at the show to discuss the offerings that might be most attractive to K-12 district and school security decision makers.

Electronic access control was one solution that Timm believes is a must for K-12 institutions.

“Let’s move away from key-driven systems and having to re-key,” he says . “You get wonderful audit trails from [electronic access control]. You can find out when people are coming in and why are they doing that.”

Visitor management software was another solution that caught Timm’s eye.

“It’s worth looking at because we know that many schools aren’t doing a good job with knowing who is in the bldg., where they are coming in and even if they have left the building.”

Cell phone apps and video surveillance were other technologies that Timm believes will greatly help K-12 protection professionals keep their institutions safe.

Watch our interview with Paul Timm.

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