Va. Tech Shooter's Mental Health Records Reappear After 2 Years


The mental health records of Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho have been found in the former university clinic director’s home after nearly a two-year search for the documents, according to Fox News.

According to the university, the records disappeared nearly a year before the April 16, 2007, shooting occurred. Cho’s mental health treatment has been a major topic of discussion during the shooting investigation. The families of two students slain in the shooting sued the state, the school and its counseling center in April claiming gross negligence in properly treating Cho’s suicidal tendencies.

The missing records were among other documents that had been allegedly taken from the Cook Counseling Center on the Virginia Tech campus.

A Virginia State Police criminal investigation is underway to determine how the medical records were removed from the center.

The state plans to release the records publicly as soon as possible, either by consent from Cho’s estate or through a subpoena.

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine released the following statement on the recovery of the Cook Counseling Center records of Cho:

    “During the course of the investigation in the aftermath of the shootings at Virginia Tech, it was learned that Seung Hui Cho’s counseling file from the Cook Counseling Center on the Virginia Tech campus could not be found. The file has now been recovered from the home of a former employee who left the counseling center a number of months before the shooting. There is an investigation under way to determine how the file was removed from the Cook Counseling Center.

    “The file was recovered in connection with a pending civil suit, and while I cannot comment on the circumstances of its recovery, we feel it is imperative that the file be made public as quickly as possible. The panel that conducted the review under my direction did not have the file, the families of those killed and injured have not had access to it, and Seung Hui Cho’s parents have not been able to see that information.

    “We are currently pursuing the release of the materials, which we hope will happen very promptly. The records can legally be released by the administrator of Cho’s estate, and his family earlier gave similar permission for release of other materials. The file could also be made public during legal proceedings through subpoena. We will make sure that the file is released publicly as soon as possible.

    “While I do not know the contents of the files, I recognize that they are an important component in understanding what happened that day and what productive steps can be taken in the future to prevent such a terrible event. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families and friends of the victims as they continue to cope with such an incredible tragedy.”

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