Va. College Enhances Emergency Response Procedures With Critical Information Management System

HARRISONBURG,  Va.—James Madison University (JMU) has selected and installed NaviGate to enhance its emergency response procedures and capabilities.

NaviGate will serve as a secure platform to provide controlled access to all essential information, enhance normal operations and instantly provide critical information access to designated university personnel and first responders in the event of an emergency. As a result of the qualification and selection by JMU, the NaviGate system also is an available product for all organizations in the VASCUPP network.

The critical information management system gives the university and community emergency first responders the ability to access safety and security information online and respond more quickly and effectively to incidents in emergency situations.

The implementation of NaviGate will enhance and expand a strong partnership between the university and community first responders as the system facilitates a collaborative effort on creating a safety plan and procedures. Once the plan is established, and when an emergency incident occurs, the system will provide first emergency responders with access to the vital information about the situation and university facilities on campus so responders can assess the situation before they arrive at the scene. JMU will also use NaviGate for its additional capabilities for everyday applications, including document management, best practices, regulatory compliance, and learning management.

“James Madison University is highly regarded as an institution that creates and implements the leading policies and procedures for colleges and universities, and their campus facilities, their faculty, staff and students and their communities,” said Bennett Fierman, Ph.D and president of Lauren Innovations. “We are delighted about their decision to use NaviGate as a core component of their strategic efforts for safety and security.”

Lauren Innovations June 17, 2010 press release


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