How to Use Audio to Address Bullying

Audio monitoring solutions can help provide potent evidence in bullying situations.
Published: September 18, 2014

Perhaps the most compelling capability audio offers is a way to counteract bullying and resolve verbal disputes. The StopBullying.Gov website says as many as one in three U.S. students say they have been bullied at school. The government organization claims the most common type of bullying is “verbal and social.”

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A study published by the School Psychology Review in 2007 reported:

  • 70.4% of school staff have seen bullying
  • 62% witnessed bullying two or more times in the last month
  • 41% witness bullying once a week or more
  • Only 20-30% of students who are bullied notify adults about bullying

Students are not always the victims of bullying. Sometimes teachers or caretakers are subjected to this behavior. No one knows this better that 68-year-old Karen Klein, a New York bus monitor who was harassed on the bus by four boys in June 2012. These schoolboys verbally abused her with violent and graphic threats. While the bus’ video surveillance captured footage of the boys pointing at her, it was the audio that provided the most potent evidence – the boys’ voices lashing out at her. Ultimately the boys were punished with fines and suspension because of this evidence of verbal assault. 

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Bullying has become a widespread epidemic across schools in America, demanding attention and action. Audio monitoring solutions are tools that give staff ears when they’re not physically able to listen to students’ conversation. The recordings can help identify the bully, which could lead staff to investigating external factors that may be harmful and causing the student to act out and abuse others.


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