University of Florida Installs Mitsubishi DVRs

Published: March 28, 2006

IRVINE, Calif.- Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Inc. announced the installation of four DX-TL5000U digital video recorders at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The installation represents the first phase of an ongoing upgrade to the school’s security system.

“We chose the Mitsubishi DX-TL5000U DVRs because of their advanced feature set and ability to provide high quality imaging,” said David John, senior electronic technician, University of Florida Safety and Security Department. “Because these units can be sequentially configured, we have the added flexibility of growing to a very large system as we move forward. That was another important factor for us.”

The new DX-TL5000U enterprise-grade DVRs are fed by 52 cameras that cover the university’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s 200,000-square-foot complex of offices, buildings and parking lots. The university’s security personnel were eager to employ the DVR’s digital features, which include the ability to network DVRs and set picture resolution. Some current DVRs permit only one slow record speed or one global setting for recording across all inputs.

The DX-TL5000Us installed at the University offer recording speeds of up to 960 pictures per second for live images and 240 PPS for recorded images. The DX-TL5000Us also permit each of the 16 video inputs to be set individually for the most efficient allocation of resources and the highest quality imaging at the central security station.

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The university plans significant growth and is currently awaiting completion of a new building on the grounds. Once that construction is finished, the school plans to add more DX-TL5000U DVRs.

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