Univ. of Maryland Selects Forensic Video Analysis Solution

Published: January 8, 2011

University of Maryland Department of Public Safety (UMDPS) serves the University of Maryland, College Park and University College. These facilities are located on 1,250 acres which contain over 300 buildings and over 52,000 people consisting of students, faculty and staff. The UMDPS records suspicious and criminal activity on more than 500 cameras including security, license plate recognition and in-car systems.

With the proliferation of criminal activity caught on these camera systems, UMDPS sought to improve its processing capabilities. Evidence recorded in various lighting and weather conditions can be dark, grainy and distorted which hides key evidence that can often help solve a case. After doing research on the available options, they selected Ocean Systems dTective as their solution.

 “The safety of the students, faculty and staff of the University is the top priority for UMDPS, and in acquiring a forensic video analysis solution from Ocean Systems, our department believes it can better protect the community,” according to UMDPS Police Chief David B. Mitchell. Just knowing that this high tech forensic system is now on the campus should serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals.

After visiting Ocean Systems and reviewing all of the professional tools included with its market leading dTective forensic solution, UMDPS was eager to get a system for the campus and have investigators trained so they could immediately begin putting the forensic video, image and audio analysis system to use.

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There are many ways UMDPS can leverage the system to help solve crimes more quickly which should also lower its investigation costs. Some key features of this leading technology include the ability to capture and enhance proprietary digital video, still images and audio. Video can also be stabilized or important areas of video clarified with super resolution. Suspects, faces, license plates, tattoos, etc. can be highlighted or obscured.

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