Unauthorized Access to Debit/Credit Card Info at U. of Michigan Being Investigated

Published: October 23, 2006

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – University of Michigan (UM) Hospital Security Services and UM Department of Public Safety are investigating reports of activity that may have involved someone obtaining access to information from debit and credit cards used in University Hospital (UH) retail food outlets.

The investigation is continuing, and according a media notice released by UM, “We still are gathering information, but we believe it is prudent to notify individuals who may have used their debit cards or credit cards in UH retail food service facilities in the last six months (prior to Friday, Oct. 13) so individuals can take appropriate action.”

Currently, investigators say they know that more than 40 reports have been filed this month with Hospital Security alleging unauthorized debits or charges processed to individuals’ accounts. Most of the unauthorized transactions have been purchases made out of state during August, September and October. Most of the victims stated they had used their debit cards in UH retail food outlets, providing a possible common denominator between them. As of Oct. 13, all debit/credit services within UH retail food services were suspended until this matter is completely investigated and resolved. House Officer meal allowance transactions via MCards and the Entrée Plus system still are being accepted.

“This situation serves as a reminder that everyone should carefully monitor all their account statements for accuracy on a regular basis,” said UH and UM in a written statement. “If you used a debit card or credit card at a University Hospital food service facility in the last six months, through Oct. 13, you should examine your account and work with your financial institution to determine any further action that may be required.”

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Those who detect unusual activity on their account, in addition to contacting their financial institutions, should file a police report with the UM Department of Public Safety by calling (734) 763-1131 or UM Hospitals and Health Centers Security at (734) 936-7890.

UM officials said the institution will continue to review and monitor security measures intended to protect these transactions.If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call the U-M Health System Office of Contract Administration at 734-763-9458 or the U-M Health System Operations and Support Services office at 734-763-9908.

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