UM Dearborn Police May Get Certification

DEARBORN, Mich., The University of Michigan (UM), Dearborn may authorize campus police officers to issue tickets and carry firearms.

Currently, UM Dearborn and Lake Superior State University are Michigan’s only universities that don’t have certified campus police. Officers can only issue verbal warnings.

City police officials believe the change would make the school’s police more self-sufficient. Dearborn police would only assist when further investigation is required.

Two public hearings will be held the week of Dec. 5 to discuss the policy revision.  If the measure is approved by the Board of Regents, approximately nine of the school’s 18 officers would go through certification training. The cost of the training and salary increases, which would be spread out over four years, would total about $200,000.

Certified officer salaries would range from $39,000 to $58,000. Currently, salaries range from $28,000 to $33,000.

If the measure is approved, UM could have certified officers as early as July 1.

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