U. of Pittsburgh Professor Accused of Using School Funds to Buy Narcotics

PITTSBURGH — A University of Pittsburgh pharmacy professor faces 18 felony drug counts after purchasing powerful narcotics using the school’s research money.

Authorities claim Billy Day, 52, spent $3,864.80 in research money to purchase narcotics including Midazolam, Clonazepam and Demerol. Day allegedly injected Midazolam, a potentially addictive drug used to treat seizures and insomnia, in many places, including his office and restrooms, TribLive.com reports.

Day admitted to using as much as 100 milligrams of Midazolam daily. He said he experienced memory blackouts because of using the drug.

The pharmacy professor is the second employee at the University of Pittsburgh accused of manipulating university resources to obtain controlled substances for illegal purposes this year. Police arrested Dr. Robert Ferrante, 64, for allegedly killing his wife, Dr. Autumn Klein, 41, in April, using cyanide that he obtained from the university.

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