U. of Kentucky Dorm Raid Video Goes Viral

UPDATE: An officer involved in the raid of a UKL dorm room has been fired for “inappropriate physical contact,” reports WDRB.com.

In a statement, the school’s police chief said Corporal David Thompson violated several university policies during the incident.

LEXINGTON, Ky. — A viral YouTube video of two University of Kentucky, Lexington (UKL) campus police officers allegedly forcing their way into a student’s dorm room without permission has prompted university officials to review the conduct of the officers.

During Saturday’s incident, the officers alleged that alcohol had been dumped out of the dorm room window. The officers demanded to search the room for more alcohol; however, they did not have a warrant. According to university policy, police officers cannot search a student’s dorm without permission, CampusReform.com reports.

In the video, which passed 150,000 views on Tuesday, the officers threatened the student with expulsion for refusing to allow the security personnel into his room. Footage also show the officers shoving past the student and conducting a cursory search of the premises, however, no alcohol was found in the room.

WARNING: The video below features explicit content.

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