Tulane University to Lay Off 230 Faculty, Cut Some Programs

NEW OLREANS, In response to financial difficulties caused by Hurricane Katrtina, Tulane University plans to lay off approximately 230 faculty members and shut down some programs.

Approximately 180 medical school faculty members and 50 undergraduate and graduate teachers will be laid off. Men’s track, men and women’s tennis, men and women’s golf, women’s swimming, women’s soccer and men’s cross-country sports programs will be eliminated.

According to university officials, the $100 million budget cuts and layoffs are necessary to sustain the school and restructure it for the future.

Before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans on Aug. 29, Tulane had approximately 13,200 graduate and undergraduate students and 2,500 faculty members. Since then, however, the school has been closed and most of its students have been scattered across the country. Tulane plans to reopen in January.

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