3rd Quarter Brawl Ends New York High School Football Game

New York State Police called in to break-up off a fight during a sports contest.

New York State Police troopers were called in to break up a fight on the sidelines of a high school game between Whitehall and Rensselaer Saturday in Whitehall. No arrests or injures were reported, according to a CBS News report. State Police allowed Rensselaer players to exit the field, while Whitehall players and remained there.

The brawl started in the third quarter, according to the Glen Falls Post-Star with Whitehall leading, 28-6, and six minutes left to go in the game. A player Whitehall player was ejected for a personal foul, players and coaches on both sides got into an angry exchange, which turned into a prolonged affair before coaches and officials were able to calm the situation down. The referee then ended the game, because of safety reasons, awarding the victory to Whitehall.

According to the CBS report, Rensselaer coach Joel Preston said a Whitehall assistant coach pinned and chocked one of his players. In the Glen Falls Post-Star, Preston said the school was pressing charges against the assistant coach. Whitehall athletic director Keith Redmond and its head coach Justin Culligan reportedly viewed the tape and didn’t see anything.

“It got ugly quick,” said Culligan in the Glens Fall Post-Star. “We saw some things they did. They probably saw some things we did. I’m not going to blame either side. Both sides were at fault.”

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