Teacher Threatens to ‘Out’ 9-Year-Old Student


A civil suit has been filed against a former teacher at South Bronx Charter School for International Culture and the Arts by parents of a 9-year-old student who allege that the teacher threatened to “out” him.

The lawsuit says Jared Alessandroni, 29, threatened to “out” James Pastrana to classmates if the student did not tell his female crush he was gay, according to the New York Post. Pastrana, who is straight, says he wrote a note to the girl with the false confession. Soon after, the whole class started claiming he was gay.

Alessandroni also faces another lawsuit that claims he twisted an 8-year-old boy’s arm in a school stairwell in 2008 because he didn’t like the way student walked.

The teacher, who has resigned, denies the charges.

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