Study: Hackers Now Seeking to Destroy Organizations

Hackers are no longer out to just steal a campus’ or company’s data. They are out to destroy your organization. This was one of the conclusions of Kroll’s 2013 Cyber Security Forecast that was released Tuesday.

Kroll says that insider attacks are no longer the most malicious.

“The latest batch of cyber attackers are delving deeper into the cyber warfare and cyber terrorism space” the report claims. “They have a rapidly evolving ideology and agenda – namely, they are coming to destroy the secure network, erase pertinent data, wreak havoc with physical equipment and ultimately take your company down.”

The report advises organizations of all sizes and types to take appropriate precautions because hackers may be looking to profit by holding data hostage. Kroll recommends campuses and companies have a backup plan, making sure third parties responsible for IT functions understand their role in getting an institution back up and running.

Unfortunately, organizations looking to the U.S. government for help might encounter difficulty in this area. The Pentagon, which just announced it wants to expand its cyber warfare efforts, might be challenged recruiting hackers who have the skills to fight cyber war because they might not fit into America’s straight-laced military culture, reports the Fiscal Times.

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