Southern Wesleyan University Awarded Preparedness Grant

Alertus Technologies partnered with the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators to award Southern Wesleyan University a grant valued up to $75,000.

Southern Wesleyan University Awarded Preparedness Grant

Beltsville,  Maryland​Alertus Technologies, a leader in emergency mass notification solutions, announced today that they will partner with the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators (NACSA) to award the Southern Wesleyan University in Central, South Carolina with an emergency preparedness grant valued up to $75,000.

The Alertus Emergency Preparedness Grants Program was created to help reduce barriers for non-profit organizations by providing them with free hardware and software solutions to enhance their emergency preparedness strategies. This program is an extension of the Alertus Desktop Donation program, which to date has provided over 700 non-profit organizations across the world with the Alertus Desktop Notification​™​ tool.

As the grant recipient, the Southern Wesleyan University will receive Alertus’ Mass Notification software and hardware ​to enhance their safety infrastructure. In addition, they will get three years of support  to help maximize the system’s capabilities.

“As a small campus safety department with limited budget and manpower, we can now use this grant to supplement and leverage existing systems in order to provide a cohesive emergency alerting system,” said Bradley Bowen, Director of Campus Safety at Southern Wesleyan University. “This will be a game changer, especially in how we reach our guests during summer camps, admissions visits, concerts, athletics, homecoming, and other special events. This grant provides us with sufficient layers of communication while also ensuring that campus safety personnel have more time to focus on managing emergency situations, rather than managing the minutiae of disparate communication systems.”

About Alertus Technologies Since 2002, Alertus has pioneered the emergency mass notification space, helping organizations find innovative notification solutions for disaster risk reduction. Alertus believes that all organizations and communities vulnerable to risk, from potential violence or natural disaster, should have access to life-saving mass notification solutions, regardless of available resources. Through raising awareness, sharing technical expertise, and granting its solutions to at-need organizations, Alertus is committed to supporting the creation of disaster-resilient societies across the world. ​

About NACSA With over 5,000 members, the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators (NACSA) serves as the nation’s largest campus safety association. NACSA strives to adhere to its mission, “Serving those who protect our students,” by providing a national resource for campuses across the country.

NACSA has an intentional focus on training the next generation of campus safety administrators. Because of this, NACSA offers the only national Campus Protection Officer certification. They also offer an online Command College designed specifically for campus safety administrators. The purpose of these training courses is simple—NACSA wants to ensure that mid-level supervisors have the opportunity to receive the certification needed to usher them into the campus police chief position.

Throughout the year, NACSA hosts free webinars, on-site training conferences, and instructor certification courses. They also offer agency accreditation opportunities along with agency assessments.

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