South Carolina Military College Finds 19 Cases of Hazing

A Citadel investigation of 85 hazing allegations found 19 cases of hazing and many other training violations April 28.

The Citadel, a military college in South Carolina, recognized 19 instances of hazing after an extensive investigation by officials.

School officials recommended 19 cadets be suspended, dismissed or expelled after looking at over 85 hazing allegations during the past three months. All 19 cadets appealed their cases, and a Citadel spokeswoman said the school hopes to complete the appeals process before the end of the semester, according to

The investigation was led by the commandant of cadets, Navy Capt. Geno Paluso, who found 53 of the allegations to be training violations rather than cases of hazing. The Citadel defines hazing as the wrongful striking of a student by another student, a student threatening another student with violence or any student treatment of his classmate of “tyrranical, abusive, shameful, insulting or humiliating nature.”

Although the school didn’t release the details of each case, hazing of freshman cadets has been an issue at The Citadel for decades. Over the years hazing at the school has made multiple headlines and inspired feature stories.


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