Shooting Prompts Pennsylvania Hospital to Tighten ER Security

MIDDLETOWN, Pa., St. Mary Medical Center changed its security policy Oct. 7 so patients in police custody will be separated from others in its emergency room. The designated area will be secured by police with the help of unarmed hospital security personnel.

This change in policy is in response to a Sept. 29 emergency room shooting where police officer Brian S. Gregg, 46, was killed and another officer, James Warunek, 31, and hospital worker Joseph Epp were wounded.

Police say the incident occurred when a suspect’s handcuffs were removed so he could undergo blood and urine tests. After his handcuffs were removed, police say the suspect grabbed Warunek’s gun and began shooting.

The gunman, Robert Anthony Flor, 38, has been charged with murder and other offenses and is being held without bail. Warunek and Epp are still recovering from their injuries.

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