Security Act Includes Pupil Transportation

Published: August 11, 2007

WASHINGTON – The sweeping security act recently passed by Congress and signed by President Bush contains a provision for an assessment of the risk of a terrorist attack on the nation’s school buses.

A section of H.R. 1 directs the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to submit a pupil transportation security report to Congress within a year of enactment.

The report would cover security risks to both public and private school bus operations. It would assess steps already taken by the industry to address security risks and would determine whether further actions and investments are necessary.

The secretary would consult school officials, pupil transportation industry representatives, law enforcement officials and school bus driver unions.

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The National School Transportation Association lobbied for the school bus provision to be added to the act. The group said that it marked the first time that pupil transportation security has been addressed in federal legislation.

The act comprises a vast range of security measures in various modes of transportation and other areas. It includes recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

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