Safer Schools Together Launches International Center for Digital Threat Assessment

ICDTA provides online learning for school safety and threat assessment teams.

Safer Schools Together Launches International Center for Digital Threat Assessment

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Safer Schools Together (SST) has announced the launch of the International Center for Digital Threat Assessment® (ICDTA), providing the most comprehensive online learning for school safety and threat assessment teams. Through ICDTA, school safety professionals can access a range of Digital Threat Assessment®-related training to complement traditional threat assessment models.

“Digital Threat Assessment® is the missing link for our Behavioral Threat Assessment and school safety teams,” says Theresa Campbell, CEO, and founder of SST and ICDTA. “Whether you have trained in SIGMA, Salem-Keiser, Virginia, CSTAG, VTRA, or any other behavioral threat assessment framework, our Digital Threat Assessment® training has been a game-changer for school safety and threat assessment teams as they learn how to access real-time digital content from social media and other lesser-known parts of the internet.”

Download the School Administrator’s Guide to Social Media

SST developed Digital Threat Assessment® for school safety and threat assessment teams to help determine accurate levels of risk and assist in implementing immediate risk-reducing intervention strategies. It teaches team members where and how to look for concerning behavior online and on popular social media platforms for a more comprehensive picture in a threat assessment investigation. With Digital Threat Assessment®, important data from activity on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and other online sources can be taken into account and evaluated during a behavioral threat assessment. “In our current digital world, it’s very challenging for a Behavioral Threat Assessment team to evaluate a threat or to make an accurate determination of level of risk without gathering the digital behavioral baseline data of a subject of concern,” says Campbell.

While many school safety teams may have a behavioral threat assessment model, Campbell says it’s vital that they not miss online data that can enhance the accuracy of their threat assessment. “With the amount of information shared online, we have a wonderful opportunity to catch shifts in behavioral baselines,” she says. “Digital Threat Assessment® teaches you how to collect online leakage.”

Through, users can sign up for live and on-demand Digital Threat Assessment® training as well as Modules such as “TikTok for Threat Assessment / School Safety Teams” that enhance participants’ understanding of how to use Digital Threat Assessment® methodology to strengthen their school safety plans.

“Over the last few years, SST has consulted on several high profile threats of violence cases throughout the world, not just in North America,” says Campbell. “There are no borders when it comes to violence and acts of violence. No two cases are the same; however, individuals are typically evolving on a similar pathway regardless of the country in which they reside. ICDTA will be a place where school safety professionals can come together to learn best practices and keep up to date with the current online platforms.”

The International Center for Digital Threat Assessment formally launched at on February 15, 2022. Video-based Modules can be purchased directly on the website.

About Safer Schools Together: Safer Schools Together (SST) is an organization committed to ending school violence by encouraging school districts to create positive, safe, and caring learning environments for every student, staff, and parent. With comprehensive training and services, SST helps schools and community partners use today for a safer tomorrow.

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