Rowan University Student Robbed and Murdered

Published: October 30, 2007

GLASSBORO, N.J. – A 19-year-old sophomore of Rowan University died Oct. 28 from injuries maintained from a beating.

Donald Farrell was brutally beaten on the evening of Oct. 27. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Cooper Hospital.

Authorities said Farrell was walking with friends back to his apartment when a group of four or five males approached them. Two of the attackers came up to Farrell and his group and asked for directions to a party. Farrell was then robbed and assaulted after stopping to offer the suspects assistance. The assailants took his wallet and then fled the scene.

Police arrived after receiving a phone call from one of the victim’s friends. They said Farrell was lying face down and was bleeding heavily from his head. The autopsy report showed that a kick to the neck was the cause of death.

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More than 200 students from Rowan University have started a petition on titled “Enough is Enough: A Petition to Dr. Farish for Our Safety” in response to Farrell’s murder. The petition is directed to university President Donald Farish and campus police in order to increase security.

The goal of the site is for students to join together and “makes a stronger, more effective safety plan so that [they] can prevent such an unfortunate event from happening again. Currently, Rowan University is in charge of its own police department. There are 20 armed officers and unarmed security guards.

Police are currently looking for three men who fled the scene in a car parked by a nearby convenience store. The suspects are described as black males with dreadlocks. Two of the three were said to be wearing shirts with UK flag logos.

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