Research Warns Young People to Listen Safely

LONDON – In an attempt to warn teenagers and young adults about early hearing damage, Deafness Research UK has released survey results showing that a significant number of young people they questioned in a British poll have been experiencing signs of hearing damage.

According to the charity’s chief executive, Vivienne Michael, young people are putting themselves at risk of going deaf 30 years earlier than older generations.

The risk of going prematurely deaf is a serious one in light of the heavy usage of MP3 players among younger generations. The information is primarily directed toward those who unknowingly endanger their hearing everyday from loud sound systems, nightclubs and MP3 players set at a very high volume.

Many of those surveyed were unaware of the possible threat posed to their hearing by constantly listening to loud music. As a result, the organization recommended keeping noise levels on MP3 players at no more than 60 percent of their maximum volume and not to listen to the players for more than an hour at a time.

The charity hopes that the information they provide will bring about a different understanding of noise levels and offer safer alternatives to music listeners.

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