Examples of CPTED Concepts on Campus

This slideshow should give campus administrators a better idea of what constitutes strong environmental design and what doesn't.
Published: September 27, 2016

It’s easy for experts write about Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, but some messages are more clearly conveyed using images.

All the concepts we write about at Campus Safety can be explained through words, but few topics are better suited for visual learning than CPTED.

After all, understanding the importance of an open line of sight is a good start, but what exactly should officers or staff members be able to see? Where one person sees an impenetrable perimeter another might see an easily traversable fence.

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It’s for this reason that we decided to put together a slideshow of CPTED designs to give examples of strong and weak CPTED.

Luckily for us, Physical Security Consultant Jim Grayson, who spoke at CSC West in August, has agreed to let us use the photos he took for that presentation. Grayson was also kind enough to join our podcast recently, and we think the two pieces of content complement each other well.

So take a look at the slideshow and let us know if the visuals helped you differentiate between strong and weak CPTED.

Click here to view the slideshow!

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