Police Take ‘Zero Tolerance’ Stance Against Frat Party Violence

MARTIN, Tenn. — Two people were hospitalized, shots were fired and a person brandishing a night stick was arrested in the aftermath of an off-campus party hosted by the University of Tennessee at Martin fraternity Phi Beta Sigma.

Martin police have opted to take a zero tolerance stance against events that create a dangerous environment, NWTN Today reports. The party was held in an empty building that the owner rents to fraternities on occasion. The fraternities then open the parties for general admission, advertise them and collect an entrance fee.

According to Martin Police Chief David Moore, the fraternity hosting the party typically claims that a rival fraternity is responsible for any disorder during or after the event. According to the president and vice president of Phi Beta Sigma, members of Omega Phi Psi and students from other colleges rushed the door of the building and assaulted several people. Multiple fights then broke out in the parking lots near the event.

Moore said police intend to meet with universities officials, the district attorney’s office, fraternities and people who provide venues for fraternity parties.

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