Police Arrest 29-Year-Old Sex Offender Who Posed as Middle School Student

Published: January 24, 2007

PHOENIX – A 29-year-old sex offender pretended to be a 12-year-old boy and attended two middle schools in Arizona. He has been accused of assaulting a girl.

Neil Havens Rodreick II was arrested after attending Mingus Springs Charter School last week. School officials became suspicious of him after they discovered that his identification documents, including his birth certificate, were phony. They then called the police who arrested him for misdemeanor assault, not registering as a sex offender and conspiracy to commit forgery and fraud.

Rodrick had been living and having sex with two men who he met online and believed he was 12. One of his roommates helped the suspect enroll at school and said he was his grandfather. Both men have also been arrested and charged with attempted child molestation and sexual contact. Authorities were able to charge the men because they thought Rodreick was a minor.

Details about Rodreick’s alleged assault of his female classmate were not released.

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Prior to attending Mingus Springs, the suspect had been attending Imagine school since mid-August where he went to class for about 50 days. Officials eventually kicked him out due to poor attendance. School officials characterized Rodreick as a loner who turned in his homework and did not cause trouble.

In 1996, Rodreick served time in prison for making lewd comments and an indecent proposal to a young boy.

School officials are trying to determine how they were able to let a convicted sex offender remain in their midst for such a long time.

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