Pa. Woman Steals Ambulance from Hospital

Christine Dejoie was being treated at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Pennsylvania when she stole an ambulance and drove away.

A patient left a Pennsylvania hospital prior to being discharged and stole an ambulance outside of the emergency room on June 8.

A St. Luke’s University Hospital volunteer had just parked the hospital’s ambulance at the emergency room entrance around midnight last week when 25-year-old Christine Dejoie got in and drove away.

Hospital security reviewed video surveillance footage to find out what happened and police stopped the ambulance after the hospital sent out an emergency radio alert.

Dejoie admitted she was under the influence of narcotics, according to Dejoie also failed field sobriety tests at the hospital.

She was taken to Lehigh County Jail and charged with theft, receiving stolen property, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and driving under the influence.

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