Obama Administration Sets Up Flu-Resource Website

Published: July 8, 2009

The Obama Administration has called on the nation to begin planning and preparing for fall flu season and the new HIN1 virus. In a statement released today, the president’s senior advisors said that flu preparedness is a shared responsibility. The release also announced new funding for states and a new nation-wide flu prevention campaign at

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will make available preparedness grants worth a total of $350 million. These grants were funded by Congress in the latest supplemental appropriations bill and they will give state and local public health offices and health care systems valuable resources to step up their preparedness efforts.

Additionally, the federal government will centralize communications about H1N1 and seasonal flu on the federal government’s new Web site www.Flu.gov. This one-stop comprehensive site brings together flu-related information from across HHS and other federal agencies. The expanded site builds on the pandemic planning information long presented on pandemicflu.gov, and incorporates information about the novel H1N1 flu as well as the seasonal flu.

Finally, HHS is launching a new PSA campaign contest to encourage more Americans to get involved in the nation’s flu preparedness efforts by making a 15-second or 30-second PSA. Officials stress the idea of “shared responsibility” when it comes to combating the flu and the goal of the new HHS PSA campaign contest is to tap into the nation’s creativity to help educate Americans about how to plan for and prevent the spread of HINI influenza. HHS will organize an expert panel to evaluate submissions and will present the best PSAs back to the public so everyone can vote on their favorite submission. The winning PSA will receive $2,500 in cash and will appear on national television. Contest details as well more information about the larger effort to plan and prepare for the flu season are available at www.Flu.gov.

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To read the complete July 9 release, click here.

Additional information on pandemic flu can be found at www.campussafetymagazine.com/PandemicFlu

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