Notifier Offers Mass Notification, Gas Detection Seminars

Published: April 28, 2009

Notifier, part of the Honeywell Fire Systems group, will be hosting a series of free, half-day seminars for anyone responsible for the design, selection and operation of fire and life safety systems in commercial, educational, industrial, retail, health-care and hospitality facilities.

The seminars will cover how changing mass notification codes and advancing gas detection technologies will make an impact on properties and occupant safety. After attending the seminar, participants are expected to understand what type of systems and technologies will best suit their properties.

In addition to mass notification, Notifier’s seminars will also demonstrate how gas detection can give employees, customers and tenants an added level of protection.

Remaining seminars will be offered through mid-May in these cities:

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  • Atlanta – April 17
  • Chicago – April 23
  • New York – April 28
  • Oakland, Calif. – May 5
  • Orlando – May 5
  • Houston – May 7
  • Charlotte, N.C. – May 12
  • Baltimore – May 14

For more information or to register, click here.

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