N.Y. District Sued for Failure to Prevent Anti-Semitic Bullying

Published: February 21, 2011

NEW YORK — The family of a middle school student has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against the Mahopac Central School District for failing to protect the student from anti-Semitic comments and bullying. The lawsuit also makes references to an article published in the school newspaper, which the family believes is anti-Semitic.

The 15 claims made against the district include negligence, defamation, emotional distress and violation of the New York Human Rights Law, the Student Press Law Center reports. According to the family’s lawyer, Guilia Frasca, the student has been bullied since 2004, but the taunts escalated during the 2009-10 school year.

According to the lawsuit, an article written by a student for the school newspaper was anti-Semitic. In the article, the student wrote that she would not be considering Bucknell University because the institution was predominately Jewish and she was not religious. The lawsuit claims that the student was actually referring to Brandeis University.

The lawsuit seeks an order for supervised employee training and diversity programs for both employees and students. The family is also seeking monetary damages.

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