Murder-Suicide At Canadian Hospital Baffles Investigators

PENTICTON, B.C., Canada – An elderly man shot his wife at Penticton Regional Hospital and then turned the gun on himself Aug. 30.

Investigators are trying to figure out why John McCadden, 77, shot Lorna McCadden, 80, in the hospital cafeteria as she was eating lunch. He had visited her regularly for a month while she was a patient. Police consider it a murder-suicide although the shooter did not leave a note explaining the reasons for his actions.

Residents interviewed by say the couple was rarely apart. Officials are speculating that McCadden may have been worried he was going to be separated from his wife because she was scheduled to go to a long-term care facility soon.

Hospital staff say they were shocked by the tragedy and did not notice any signs that the husband was planning to shoot his wife and then himself.

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